Death, Then the Judgment | Charles Lawson

-the scripture says and as it is

appointed unto men once to die but after

this the judgment

it is absolutely completely certain that

you’re going to die and it is the very

thing that very few people make any

provision for whatsoever there’s an

insanity there is some kind of a brain

disconnect going on there there has to

be some kind of a mad thing happening in

the minds of people when the thing that

is absolutely certain they make no

provision for whatsoever you make

provision for retirement lay up money

for years and and put invest in the

stock market and for old 401ks and all

this and get ready for your retirement

because you look forward to the golden

years as you call them they’re nuts of

gold and release but the truth of the

matter is a lot of you don’t reach

retirement you make plans for it you’re

gonna do I mean you’ve worked for 30 40

years for some company and all that and

then the day of your retirement you drop

dead you drop dead you see retirement is

not absolute it’s not certain it is not

certain that you’ll ever retire it’s not

it is not it is not certain that you’ll

retire but it is certain that you’ll die

it is absolutely completely certain that

the day is going to come when your life

is going to end on this earth have you

made preparation have you made

preparation have you prepared yourself

for that day for it is coming it is

coming and there’s not one thing you can

do to stop it that day is coming are you


you see when our three tribes are still

to think about it’s not thinking about

it’s not going to change anything

denying it it’s not going to change it

say it’s not going to happen except for

some long time off into the future

that’s not so teenagers die young people die

kids die people die in to midlife they

die in all ages death is no respecter of

age this is the result of man from men

use against God when he said he brought

death into this world death by sin so

death passed upon all men for all have

sinned death is the consummation of

rebellion and sin against God it’s here

it’s the fact it’s something we deal

with and so my presence morning oh one

more child ask you a question have you

made provision for death are you ready

I’m not talking about your funeral I’m

not talking about me bump you flop

drowned out here I’m not talking about

how much money you’ve got laid up now

you told people what you want them to

say who’s going to sing at your funeral

and where they’re going to do it this

map that’s not what I’m talking about

I’m talking about the moment that your

soul and spirit leave this body and you

breathe no more and you have no control

over it and you leave planet Earth and

you are going to leave this world are

you ready for that day sin and Satan

will keep you in this la-la land where

you think that you’re just going to live

forever and you can just live anywhere

you please and life is just one big

sinning party and then when you get

ready someone way off in the future then

you’re just going to leave out of a big

party I figure going to die you’re going to die

if the point of the man wants to die

death is coming some of you it’s closer

than you think some of you may be dead

before the years out some of you may be

dead before the weeks out

some of you may be dead before the Sun

Goes Down you do not know when it’s

coming the government can’t change it

education can’t change it money can’t

change it associations can’t change it

nothing can alter the fact that you’re

going to Luke chapter 16 verse number 23

Bible said in verse number 20 tuna came

to pass the beggar died and was carried

by the angels to Abraham’s bosom the

rich man also died and was buried notice

the way the Bible says this now it’s

clear it delineates the difference

between the death of the body and the

existence of the soul the Bible said in

verse number 22 and was buried there’s

the body verse 23 and inhale he lifts up

his eyes being in torments and see if

Abraham afar off and Lazarus in his


notice how the Bible says it inhale he

lifts up his eyes that’s quite a thing

that’s a descriptive term that’s the

kind of thing if you want to look at it

and thinking you take into your heart he

died and they’re buried

but they didn’t bury him they bury his

body for he’s still around in the next

verse notice how clear the scripture is

in it even though they buried his body

the scripture says that inhale he his

eyes he looked around he takes it in and

my what a suck it must have been my what

horror must have lit his soul my can you

imagine how he must have felt he might

have been an atheist he might have been

an egg must he came out of thought he

was good he might have been a

self-righteous religious person

regardless of what he was the time came

when he lived up his eyes do you

understand the horror that’s going to

flood your soul the moment you wake up

inhale will you realize if there’s

nothing around you damnation and sorrow

and Bernie

inhale can you imagine what that will be

like there’s nobody to plead with

there’s nobody to cry up to him there’s

no money to go to to get help you’re in

hell to think that when you die you die

like a dog that’s all over with you

bragged you both could you told people

but I said this is it I’m just an animal

and when my life is gone is take the

advance and where it’s all over with I’m

gonna live life this is it one day at a

time and to find out how wrong you were

but it’s too late to realize that I for

all of your fragging it’s too late that

you are in a place that you can’t do

anything about you don’t have any idea

of a horror that will flood your soul

that’s what happened to this man the

Bible said he who lifts a piss on

inhale Earth’s greatest finest or the

Hale Kings and claims and preachers and

Pope’s and nuns and evangelist very

wealthy the very poor the gifts of the

privileged the office the musicians the

actors and athletes presidents Supreme

Court justices dictators murderers

thieves atheists agnostics Christ

rejecters all listen to this here’s a

man who’s the son of a Methodist

preacher he was a good man a good moral

man benevolent man would had one

horrible fault his heart was full of

bitterness cursing on several occasions

he went under deep conviction for

salvation during revival meetings

conviction is when God opens you up that

bothers sinners he went through

conviction turned it off a year later

another camp meeting held the same place

brought again under conviction refused

to yield listen to this and three days

later he died suddenly this man sinned

away his day of grace he was dead in

three days listen to this now if you

don’t hear anything else I was with him

in his last moments

he seemed to be utterly forsaken of the

Lord from the beginning of his sickness

the most powerful medicines had no

effect on him whatsoever just as the son

of a beautiful Sabbath morning rose in

its splendor over the eastern hills he

died in horrible agony listen all

through the night previous to his death

he suffered untold physical and mental

torture he offered the physicians all

his earthly possessions if they would

save his life he was stubborn till the

very last would not acknowledge his fear

of death till a few months before he

died then suddenly he began to look then

to stare horribly surprised and

frightened into the vacancy before him

then explained as he beheld a king of

terrors and all of his merciless wrath

my God my God here is this unbeliever

Christ rejecter who would say I’ll give

you anything I got doc if you’ll just

give me a little more life he’s looking

off into eternity and he said my god

his eye falls out of his head and here’s

what they said the indescribable

expression of his countenance at this

juncture together with a despairing

tones in which he uttered these last

words made every heart quake his wife

screamed and begged the brother to pray

for him but he was so terror stricken he

rushed out of the room the dying man

continued to stay in Gretl astonishment

his mouth wide open his eyes protruding

out of their sockets to the last and he

fell over dead

you want to die like that of course

listen P your friends can go eat with

you your friends can go play with you

your family can gather around the table

you could talk converse socialize do all

you want to everybody have all the

friendless that’s awful so when it comes

to the time of crossing over from this

world into eternity you can do it alone

you can do it alone

are you ready for that let’s talk about

something else it’s called the cross

Jesus Christ did not die a horrible

death on the cross for you to drive a

new car what he died for then preacher

he suffered the horror of the cross to

keep you out of the horror of Hell the

cross was horrible horrible horrible

suffering unbelievable suffering the

reason it’s so horrible is because hell

is horrible and the sacrifice the Son of

God was to keep you out of hell I’d only

go to hell preacher I’d only go well I

don’t either if you tell me this morning

that you don’t want to go to hell you’ve

shown me that you’re still in your right

mind that you haven’t been brainwashed

and duped to the point now when you

bought into this lie or everybody’s good

and everybody’s the same and everybody’s

going to go to heaven no they’re not no

they’re not how do I stay out of Hell

preacher there’s only one that can keep

you out of hell

neither is there salvation in any other

there’s no other name given among men

whereby we must be saved I saw Peter

said the name of Jesus the Lord Jesus

Christ I put my hope in him my future in

him my faith in Him what I am is in here

because he arose from the dead glory to

God a features in Christ it’s all about

the Son of God not looked across the bar

and have a liver point my life or I

follow my donor would you do preacher

did you think about your religion I can

give it five seconds what about the

people are selling in bombers what is

that miracle just the name of Jesus

agrestic let’s tone to the name of Jesus

that’s the only comfort there is of this

world and I’m going to tell you right

now when you really take hold of him and

he becomes a comfort to you that reminds

you and reassures you in your soul that

you’re a real believer yes did you hear

what I said when you’re down and flat

and it’s out hey you’re out of the count

it’s the one you’re calling out to and

take hold of and get comfort from that’s

the one you believe in say man big man

some of you don’t have a clue what I’m

talking about

your comfort is in prayer you pray your

comfort is in a catechism that you

approved by your comfort is in your

church and there is no comfort in that

hour but in one man Christ Jesus the

Lord I give eternal life and they shall

never perish don’t lift up your eyes and

feel don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it

don’t lift up your eyes and Heil because

if you do it’s too late it’s too late

are you ready are you ready

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