Desperate Prayer & Greatest Sin | Leonard Ravenhill

-work for the night is coming give every
flying minute something to keep in store
he pushed the dare I’ll case you don’t
know that are 24 hours in it the divided
into three eight normally you work eight
you sleep eight what do you do is
elevate on the same basis you’ll live
sixty years you worked twenty or sleep
twenty and what they do with the other
twenty all earthly things with earth
will fade away the prayer grasps
eternity therefore pray always pray I
said this often and it’s got me into
trouble but I’m still gonna say it
anyhow I’m quite sure of this that no
man I don’t get how largest Jews don’t
get how many books is written how far is
travel I do not believe that any man or
woman is greater than their prayer life
but I’m convinced that this God does not
hear prayer
he has desperate plan
there are millions of prayers prayed
that never reached the Slone and they
never answered but never never never
it’s proud of this nature ever denied
and afraid I’d be shall she got tired of
all the trinkets she got tired of eating
and drinking and being happy and sharing
the most time of a husband getting the
nicest clothes all the other things they
came a place Reggie said listen I can’t
put up with this you’ll find the same
thing in the thirtieth chapter of
Genesis where Rachel comes down one day
and says her husband listen Jacob give
me children I die you remember that
passionate phrase in the middle of the
eleventh chapter of numbers and remember
it’s dangerous to pray in that chapter
Latifah began to reproach garden say
well we’ve had nothing like we had in
Egypt we don’t get meals like that we
don’t get onions like we used to get
meat like we used to get nothing rabbits
and that’s it all right you’ll ask him
are you gonna get it he said not for two
days not for ten days not for two weeks
a whole month we say sometimes you know
we have they tell equal running out of
our lives you know
God says I’ll give you it till it runs
out of your nostrils
and miles is the man of God says listen
I’ve got a blabbering complaining people
God says well they complain more to me
than they do to you any other the lobby
says don’t leave this burden upon me if
you do killing that’s pretty desperate
praying is this because if you’re going
to be a preacher or a missionary if
you’re not known in hell well I don’t
think it was much anyhow some demons one
day pounced on a preacher matter of fact
they beat a few preachers up and you
never family’d one of them turned around
and said listen Jesus we know on the
pole we know I think that’s the greatest
thing I envy about the Apostle Paul not
have you raised the dead nobody cast
demons up everybody’s casting you go son
meeting Jim ahead day you got a demon
just sneeze you’ve got about 50 you know
the devil don’t care a hill of beans how
long we chase demons as long as you
don’t hit the devil
Lena’s brain no how long you pray
sometimes we got nothing all we have to
do is signified work telegram to heaven
all eternity a little operate Conners
forget it that’s not true it always are
those mean of the disciples never said
to Jesus Lord teach us to pray
they held the greatest sermon ever
preached by the greatest man that ever
lived the Sermon on the Mount and yet
not one of them ever said Lord teach me
to preach they never said Lord teach us
to do miracles they didn’t say Lord
teach us to pray prayer is not a
position whether you need or face the
easy travelling on a position it’s a
disposition that’s where the Apostle
Paul says that it is possible to get to
that place right where your prayer
without ceasing where every moment of
your life you’re in an attitude of
relationship to him not something you
want to imagine you know I’m so simple
that I thought the Year adore God was
writing the last chapter of history as
we know it now don’t think that anymore
I don’t believe he is writing the last
chapter Bream is writing the last page
and he said the Lord whom you seek well
let’s wait a minute how are we are we
seeking the Lord now when I say that I’m
not thinking about Bethany I’m thinking
to the Church of God generally are we
seek is the church seeking the Lord –
neither is she seeking success is she’s
seeking miracles is she seeking Prospero
what are we seeking the scripture says
the Lord whom you seek show up shall
suddenly come to his temple don’t go out
and say like people say well I’ve made
up a man having to pray for hours a day
after this I don’t it make your mind up
you’re running the Olympics tomorrow
as much chance
you don’t change overnight we
approximate to it we we get our muscles
stronger and stronger in the place of
Prayer you get to the place where you
gather strength you run origines
presence of crap in anybody else’s bread
you rather God whispered a secret India
somebody give you the prizes in all the

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