Be Careful what you Allow in Your Home | Paul Washer

-Do you have a television ? i do it’s not connected to anything, are there some good things out there that i could see in that television ? yes there is i can
can i make use of it yes most certainly i can, can i watch ABC, CBS and NBC ? absolutely not ! you want to talk about a false prophet ? just look at the media
spews out lies and contradictions, so see what you need to see is that we just don’t have false prophets visiting us from the watchtower and handing out watchtower
magazines we just don’t have false prophets riding on bicycles with little name plates saying they’re elder so and so from the mormon church, we have false prophets
every time we turn on the radio every time we turn on the TV and everytime we go into the educational system we are bombarded by false prophets and you want to know
something ? deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons when i look at some of these tv preachers and see the way they’re able to maneuver
and justify their wickedness i’m amazed i go no one can be that smart especially that guy how is it that he’s able to talk this way not get caught by this group not get
caught by this group and work his way right between the middle of them and come out a hero it is that he is empowered and given wisdom by the devil himself
it’s the same way how can there be so much deception in the media no one could be able to figure all this stuff out on a human level and twist everything to make evil look good and
good look evil unless there was some malignant power supernatural malignant power behind it and so we need to see here that these are dangerous times our educational system
you send your children eight hours a day to a school now i understand here in alabama it can be a little bit different there are a lot of christians in the school system
and i praise god for that a lot of godly teachers but when you look at the school system as a whole what are they going to teach your children are they going to teach them
the bible are they going to teach them that jesus christ is the only way are they going to teach them there is a sovereign personal god who created the heavens and the earth no
i have a dear friend vody bockham who has recently written a book about let caesar teach your children and eventually you’ve got children of caesar we have reached dangerous times when
men’s consciences are seared, seared that we could kill thousands of babies a day and with the one swipe of a pin the president elect can say that if an abortion fails
if the doctors aren’t able to kill the baby and the baby comes out alive then the doctor is to set the baby off to the side and let it die or throw it in a trash can and let it die
that is a people seared in their own conscience seared you see this is what we’re dealing with people who are seared in their own conscience another dear friend of mine conrad and
beiwe from lusaka zambia do you ever get a chance to hear him you need to hear him they call him the african spurgeon and
rightly so the greatest preachers alive today he was saying in africa we no longer fear lions elephants crocodiles or beasts we don’t fear beasts in africa we fear our fellow man
we run from men because men have become worse than beasts the conscience seared so you come to a time where men have a seared conscience and they can no longer even begin to think
say things like well there’s no moral absolutes well sir you just contradicted yourself because you’re saying there’s absolutely no moral absolutes you’re making a moral absolute by saying
there’s no moral absolutes well there’s no moral absolutes well then when is it right to rape a woman well it’s never right to rape a woman you just made a moral absolute
so you see don’t bring a guy in here just wants to be everybody’s friend don’t bring a guy in here who’s just gonna have some wonderful programs and prop up something that’s not even alive
don’t tell me you want to walk with god and you want the holy spirit to fall down on this place and yet you’ll watch things before you get in the pulpit that
grieve the holy spirit or when you come out of the pulpit standing before your people telling them you want the spirit to move you finish you’re tired you go home you turn on the television and
grieve the very spirit you have cried for you need truth you need doctrine you need practical principles of what it means to be godly and to be a godly people in the midst of
a perverse generation that’s what you need someone is going to hold you accountable someone who’s going to teach a true gospel to your children jump over to romans 1. let me show you
something in verses 26 in 27 it’s talking about homosexuality and culture and society then it goes on verse 28 and verse 29 it talks about verse 29 being filled with all unrighteousness wickedness greed
evil full of envy murder strife deceit malice they are gossip slanders haters of god insolent arrogant boastful inventors of evil and so on and so forth and we say this
these are all sins found in our culture and because of this god is going to judge us okay so we we we say because of these sins in our culture god is going to judge us
that’s not what this passage is teaching it’s not teaching that at all it’s reverse what he’s teaching is this the fact that these sins are now prevalent in the culture is evidence that god has already
judged us now what do i mean because the great sin here here’s the great sin look in verse 21 for although they knew god they did not honor him as god or give thanks
verse 23 and exchange the glory of the incorruptible god for an image in the form of corruptable man verse 24 therefore god gave them over in the lust of their hearts to impurity
our country is not going to be judged it has been judged and the evidence of divine judgment upon our country is all the sins that are mentioned here god has turned us over because although
we knew god we did not honor him as god or give thanks.

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