Full Time Ministry | Stranded On Patmos | David Wilkerson

-full-time ministry

apostle john was taken prisoner

and shipped off to rome it was either

the emperor nero or diocletian

who banished him to a barren island

called patmos

only a few prisoners probably at the


were there banished

in this small uninhabited island

this is the beloved john who leaned on

the bosom of jesus

this is the beloved john who was the

brother of james

sons of zebedee he was the author of the

fourth gospel

uh matthew mark luke john he’s

the author of first second and third


john later wrote he said i am banished

to patmos for the word of god

and for the testimony of jesus christ

now can you imagine how john must have

lived and a little shack a dirt floor

can you imagine how many mediterranean

storms beat upon him and how

many times he shivered himself to sleep

one change of clothes

perhaps perhaps allowed to have

uh some of his books the law

and and some of the writings perhaps the

first five books of the old testament

and maybe some parchment

by every standard of man’s judgment this

man is a total failure

he’s a waste in fact

today he would have been asked by many

to where’s your faith

because aren’t you the one who wrote

whatsoever you shall ask

the father in my name he will give it to

you ask and you shall receive

and your joy might be full john why

didn’t you

ask god why didn’t you believe and be

delivered why would god

put one of the most sanctified holy men

of all times

stranded on an island nearly starving

open to the elements john where’s your


and let me tell you how god would be

judged by new

standards especially the american

standard of success

there’s no building there’s no


there’s no money to build a structure

there’s no vehicle to travel the island

here’s no decent house no decent

clothing one change of clothing

no meat except the lizard or snake he

might catch at times

there’s no agenda he has no outreach

there’s no plan to reach

nations the world today would explain

this man has no ministry

this man is finished

something happened to this man you see

when he

embarked when he got off onto that


he died all his plans his thoughts of


or success i’m gonna walk in the spirit

i’m gonna give myself to prayer and

praise i’m gonna seek the face of god

you see john was now in full time

ministry not like we

think of it today but he’s in full time


until the lord the lord adam all to

himself and what the devil meant

to destroy because they never intended

john ever survive

no one was to leave patmos

see this is john now in full-time

ministry he has

he has no need of uh on purpose you

don’t need any hype

you don’t need any advertising you don’t

need anybody to praise you

you don’t have to build an institution

you don’t compete with anybody no

fundraising no slogans

no numbers to boast about nobody to

congratulate you

because you were reduced to a single


jesus that’s all you’ve got

but that’s all you need john said that’s

all i will ever need

you see full-time ministry is being

reduced into

total focus on jesus in worship and


because you and i have all been called

to be priests unto the lord

let me talk to you about full-time


what is it it’s simply not

pastoring a church are going around

holding revival meetings

full-time ministry has nothing to do

with a diploma or ordination

certificate from a bible college or


it’s not determined by ordination some

leaders laying hands on you and setting

you into the ministry i’m not against

any of that

but that doesn’t make you a full-time


there are pastors of churches that are


paid ministers who are not full-time

ministers unto the lord

in fact many of the bible says are

hiring according to the prophets

they were hirelings and they were out

they they were fully paid

and overpaid but the lord said i don’t

even know them

and there are thousands of pastors all

over the world today

that say and they are called and part of

his full-time pastor’s full-time


but in the eyes of god there are no

ministry whatsoever

a man who doesn’t pray a man who doesn’t

seek god who doesn’t have a burden for

the people

a man who doesn’t hear from heaven and

speak the mind of christ

he is not of god he is not in full-time


and everywhere i go i’ve had it here

many times at times for church

and everywhere i go people come and say

would you

lay hands on me would you pray for me

that god would open the doors

for me to be in full time ministry

let me tell you when you’re ready for

full-time ministry

when you no longer need human applause

you don’t need to have anybody give you

an assignment

you don’t need a plan you don’t need an

endorsement you don’t need a building

you don’t need a congregation you don’t

need any credentials

when you no longer are looking for some

great work to do

when the only thing that fully satisfies

your heart

is your ministry of prayer and worship

unto the lord

when when you are satisfied with feeding


when you have given yourself completely

and you are focused on this one thing

my calling on this earth first

of all is to be a minister unto him

i am in full time ministry when my whole


is not what i can accomplish what i can

build what i can do

what i can see as results i’m in

full-time ministry

when i give myself to prayer and to

christ it being on my mind

day and night every waking hour

jesus is being ministered to

on the subway on the job that quiet

prayer that reaches up to him

that ministry unto jesus that worship

and praise

the church of i john the church of i

gave it

i’m mary whatever your name is

and then out of that communion

out of that focus comes all the ministry

to people

only as he leads and as he directs and

it always begins one-on-one

and if you can’t be a preacher to one

person at a time

how do you believe god ever trust you

with somebody else

i i i’ve been in churches

and i know as soon as i go in and sit

that the man i’m listening to

doesn’t know the lord he’s got a

private agenda this particular one i’m

thinking of is a harley

but in that particular church there were

people sitting in that audience

that had outgrown their pastor long ago

they were shut in with the lord

they were men and women of prayer and

god was revealing himself to them

they had a prophetic word and actually

pastors feared these

i i know that pastor particularly who

actually feared these people

because this man knows it they’ve been

with god

and every time they see this man or

woman come and they back away because

you see a man what has been with god is

a reproof

to those who have been of apathetic to

the lord

and there are some people the

congregations that have outgrown pastors

because they’re in full-time ministry

the pastor may be fully paid

they may not get a dime for this they

might have nothing but they are in

full-time ministry

because they minister to the lord they

meet in the before they go to work they


the lord and through the day and then

before they go to bed at night they have

this precious time they’re ministering

unto the lord

that is full-time ministry

anybody see it hear it yet wave your

hand at me if you know what i’m talking


look again at john on patmos

you see rocks you probably hear a few


scattered shrubs you hear a pounding


a few handmade shelters but what is it

you don’t see

and you don’t hear picture yourself on


there’s john on the rocky

side of the mountain cliff looking down

into the ocean and what is it that you

don’t hear

you don’t hear another voice

what you don’t hear is any other voice

the only voice he had now was the voice

of the holy spirit

directing him if he wanted to talk

he could talk to only the lord

he could hear only the holy spirit the

only voice and he says i was in the


i was holy given up to the holy spirit i

trusted the spirit

i was taught by the spirit he showed me

the condition of the church the first

thing the lord did was show him the

condition of the church

he showed him the churches of asia and


the good conditions and the the awful


of the church he took him into the


i was holy given he said to the holy

spirit and the door was opened in heaven

and a voice said come up here there john

and i’ll show you things which must be


and immediately i was in the spirit and

behold the throne was said in heaven

and one sat on the throne

you see in this full-time ministry of

john that had been imposed upon him

he is taken into heaven and he sees the

throne of god

now no man has seen it but he said i saw

one into likeness

in other words there was some revelation

of the glory of god given to this man

and he was told of things that were

going to come

and he said i heard a voice

but you see that call today to come up

is being ignored

by many in the ministry today is being

ignored by many people in the po

in the congregations today that call to

come up that call to seek the face

of god because everybody now is so busy

everybody today has time for most people

have time for television they have time

for internet they have time for

all their time for shopping

there’s no time to come up hither

lord said if you’ll come up here i’ll

show you things to come i’ll show you

the throne i’ll show you mercy i’ll show

you grace

i’ll show you things that you’ve never

seen or heard and that nobody else has

ever seen because

you’ve set your heart to seek me

tell me let me tell you what i believe

is needed

in these last days men and women who

would impose

a patmos experience on themselves see

this was imposed on john

but the greatest call of the greatest

need today is for men and women who will

impose upon themselves in isolation from

all other voices

and isolation where they say god i’m not

going to listen

to the voice of man i’m not going to get

involved and i’m not talking about god

the counselor or for the ministry

but i’m not going to listen to the plans

of man i’m not going to be

guided by this i’m going to be guided by

the holy spirit

i i want to hear i want to be in the

spirit and walk in the spirit i want to

be governed by the holy spirit and i

want to hear that voice holding

he said my sheep know my voice they will

hear when i call

and i believe that with all of my heart

that when people begin to seek god with

everything in them

and when christ is the only focus first

thing you get is your discernment back

and then you begin to hear clearly

things he takes you into the heavenlies

and he began to reveal you will know

what’s coming

god will speak to you about your family

he will speak to you about your

future you speak to many many things god

will speak to your heart

when you give him time and wait upon him

and he becomes your focus

and you are in the full-time ministry

ministering to christ

this self-imposed

patmos experience where you don’t

fall for the competition

you don’t fall for the designation of


as it’s determined to date by so many

people you don’t fall for

nothing so many voices calling so many

rantings of these voices

networking ambition

folks when god can find a man or a woman

who’s willing to let everybody bypass

him or her

let them go their way sit back and let them

glory in what the world calls success

but a man or woman can set themselves in

the lord say lord none of this matters

to me anymore

and it’s a self-imposed exile

where the only thing that matters is

that lord jesus i want my life to please you

and i want you to know jesus and when i

go into this secret closet with you i’m

here for you

to minister unto you the lord i’m going

to sit here and wait

for you and i want you to speak and i

want to tell you

a man or woman who’s shot in full-time


that mean that doesn’t mean you leave

your job doesn’t mean you don’t witness

no in fact you can be a very very busy person

and still have this pathless exile

that i call where you have learned to

shut out everything that would hinder

you from hearing the voice of the lord you

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