How Wicked is Our Sin | Romans 3:23 | Paul Washer

-Romans 3:23 sure I have heard some very godly men say that if they had to lose the entire Bible and could pick only one
passage this is the passage they would hold because in this passage is found the very salvation of man first of all
he says for all have sinned all have sinned why don’t we tremble why don’t we know how terrible this is we don’t know how
much we’ve sinned in the same way a fish doesn’t know how wet it is we were born in sin we were conceived in sin we were
born in a fallen world of sin the only thing we’ve ever known is sin our society as scripture says drinks down
iniquity like it was water you see here’s something you need to understand Hitler was not an anomaly Hitler was what everyone in this room
has the potential of being and not only that you need to understand even and all
the all the wickedness of Hitler Hitler was still restrained by the common grace of God and you need to know this that if
it were not for the common grace of God restraining you and your unconverted state you would make Hitler look like a choirboy
what we do not understand is what Scripture teaches about men men are evil so I don’t agree that’s because you’ve grabbed enough of Christianity to stand
but you don’t believe the Bible do you have to teach a child to live you have to teach a child be self-centered do you have to teach a
child to be brutal to other children they learn that on their own set them free discipline them not and see what you have in ten years a monster why
because what scripture says is true and you hold your ears and you say I don’t want to hear it I don’t want to hear it in the same way that a person dying of
cancer is in denial and says to the doctor I don’t want to hear it I don’t want to hear it that by cupping the hands over your ears you closed yourself
off from any remedy why is sin so terrible because it’s committed against God why don’t we tremble because we
don’t know what that means and why don’t we know what that means because we do not know what God is such a glorious and blessed be imagine this for a moment God
stands there on the day of creation and he tells planets to put themselves in certain orbits in space and they all bow down and say Amen
he tells stars to to find their place in the sky and to follow his decree to the letter and they all bow down and obey Him he tells mountains to be lifted up
and valleys to be cast down and they bow down and worship he tells the brave seed you will come to this point and you will come no further and the sea of doors and
yet God tells you to come and you go know how wicked is our sin you see dear people we’re always getting a one-sided story I’m going to talk about the love of God tonight in a way
possibly you’ve never known it but in order for you to appreciate the love of God you’ve got to understand something his love is exalted in the same way the
stars are exalted by a pitch black sky let me ask you a question whether the stars go this afternoon did someone put them all in a basket and carry them away
how come when you looked up you didn’t see them because there was so much light you could not marvel at their beauty you could not even see them in the same way
you cannot see the stars of God’s grace and his love with so much light when preachers tell you that men are so good the only way to truly appreciate the
love of God and the grace of God is to see the pitch-dark blackness of man and when you see the pitch-dark blackness of your own heart and then you realize that
God moved in love for you it causes you to fall down on your knees with the greatest esteem and worship God you

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