If You Only Had Three Months to Live, What Would You Do? Tim Conway

-Christ is going to defeat this whole

deal and one of the ways he’s defeating

it is through his children that he came

to save in their minds one of the ways

this thing is being defeated is by him

working through his spirit in the mines

bringing our mind more into the

conformity of the mind of Christ so that

these mindsets are broken when he makes

all things new that’s what he’s doing in

his people he’s making the mindsets new

this this is so important because so

often we get hung up on the externals

it’s the heart of the matter it’s the

mindset people act and live and do

according to their mindsets so what are

some of these mindsets of the world I

give you one one of the mindsets of the

world is that life here is forever

that’s the way they think I mean you

know what I can remember walking into my

house when I actually I wasn’t living

there at the time Ruby and I were

visiting I walk in to my stepdads so I

could just remember being there in the

living room my stepdad had been told he

had liver cancer and he had three months

to live I can remember looking at him

and there is reading the evening paper

with the TV on I’m looking at my dad

reading the newspaper he’s been given

three months to live II read in the

paper the mindset of this world oh if

you ask if you ask the people of this

world are you gonna die well factually

they know factually they’ll tell you

yeah I’m gonna die but you know there’s

a mindset why was it when I was lost I

would ride my motorcycle like like a

madman just barely

on the edge of death because I thought

it was immortal I really did I did not

think I was gonna die that’s how the

world is my dad sitting there even

though he’s been told he’s a dead man

he doesn’t really believe he’s gonna die

that night or tomorrow he believes he’s

got time that’s the mindset of the world

they don’t want to think about eternity

they don’t want to think about the fact

that life comes to an end but what do we

find when we come to the Scriptures what

is the mindset God would have us to have

you are but a vapor you are a little

mist that is here you’re like these

flowers today they’re there tomorrow

they are thrown away you know what the

psalmist did teach us to number our days

that we may get a heart of wisdom psalm

39 4 O Lord make me know my end and what

is the measure of my days let me know

how fleeting I am folks you know what

that mindset does the mindset of the world

listen Rumi and I just went off to st.

Louis we went over there and we stayed

in a motel for four days hotel my family

was telling me the difference between

hotel motel oh yeah we stayed in a hotel

we went in look we were in that room for

four nights if we would have gone in

there the first night we had a busted

out paint we start painting walls put

new wallpaper up buy a new home

entertainment system put a new carpet in

we’re just decking it out lighters come

down there and say what are you guys

doing oh you know we’re staying here

we’re we wanted to be comfortable buy a

new refrigerator buy a new Posturepedic

mattress we’re putting it off they think

you guys are crazy you’re only here for

four nights do you think say somebody

was crazy if they did that but step back

in light of eternity and look what your

life here is it’s nothing it’s not what

we read in the scriptures about the ages

to come

you tell me in all the millions of ages

to come what is 70 years

what is 80 years it’s like a state and a

motele and you watch the way people

groom their yards the way people buff

their cars the way people decorate their

houses they have a mindset that it is


may God teach us to number our days

life is short brethren you don’t want to

go investing in this world it’s passing

away you

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