Sweet Sermons of Satan | Steve Hill

-so many people today can’t handle difficult words from God I am reminded of when Jesus said eat my flesh and drink my blood and they said this is a hard saying Jesus basically what they’re
saying in John chapter 6 – Jesus is just healing us would you and just feed us don’t get heavy and the Bible says they all left these were all followers of Jesus and let me remind everyone here
that when Jesus experienced the crowd leaving and I say this to pastors around the world when Jesus experienced the loss of the crowd when they walked out of the stadium when they walked out of
the arena when they walked out of their church he did not chase after them as a matter of fact he stood his ground Jesus will not change his teaching for anyone and then he turned to his disciples and
said how about you boys are you with me or not and I promise you my friend if they had said you know Lord it’s been okay up to this point but this is a little tough to
swallow I think we’re gonna rethink I’m gonna go back to fishing I’m gonna go back to tax collecting I’m gonna go back to doing this this is a little tough Jesus would
have walked out by himself he’s not gonna change his message to accommodate the crowd Isaiah 30 verse 9 this is a rebellious people lying children children that will not hear the law of
the Lord verse 10 which say to the seers see not and to the prophets prophesy not unto us right things speak unto us smooth things prophesy deceit get out of the way turn aside out of the
path cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us they were saying flatter us flatter us tell us something good about us now there is a term that has become popular over the last 10
years we’ve all heard it it has to do with what is attractive to the site and that term is eye candy lots of lights lots of spectacle lots of fun pleasant to the eyes the scripture we just read
serve as a warning they are describing a trend of teaching that could easily fall under the category of ear candy this would be words that are flowing from pulpits all over America that cause the
hearers to feel good and what more we’ve all heard the song that talks about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down that may be true but today in the spiritual sense there is no medicine
the doctors of the word the clergy are afraid to prescribe the very medicine that was made available from Heaven’s pharmacy 2,000 years ago sin was the disease
blood was the cure repentance was God’s only method of putting the two together it’s not sweet for Jesus it was a bitter cup it wasn’t sweet when the crown of thorns was pressed upon his head and
blood spilled into his eyes it wasn’t sweet when they took a whip of leather holding pieces of glass or stone and shredded his back like a farmer would plow a field it wasn’t sweet when they
blindfolded him slapped it face and mocked his deity it wasn’t sweet when they placed a beam on his raw exposed shoulders forcing him down Calvary’s road it wasn’t sweet when he fell under
the load it wasn’t sweet when they laid his body on the beams and pierced his hands and feet it wasn’t sweet when the cross dropped in the hole and ripped even further the flesh that had just
been pierced it wasn’t sweet when he lifted his voice and said Father forgive them they know not what they do it wasn’t sweet when he pierced the heavens with these agonizing words my
oh my god why have you forsaken me I’m speaking to you of the Gospel story the penetrating truth of what Jesus cries had to endure so we could be adopted into his family
I say unashamedly today without reservation pastor if you are not experiencing persecution from those who are under your voice then you are not preaching the truth the Word of God
offense always has always will I believe one of the many reasons ministers and churches today have become popular is simply because they’ve lost the sting of the story it’s as if everyone is lured
to this gigantic honey laden beehive with no consequences of being stung why there are no warrior bees watching the hive it’s all sugar just scoop some in your hand and slop it down the Bible
says they will not endure sound doctrine to endure means they will not put up with it sound doctrine means healthful wholesome doctrine it’s not talking about sugar woe unto me Paul said if I
don’t preach the gospel for necessity is laid upon me Paul said you see my friend nobody wants the disciples to leave so we’ve water it down to keep them close everyone wants to keep their
following everyone wants to grow their audience everyone wants to increase their mailing list oh the money won’t come in if you offend the givers they heap to themselves teachers having
itching ears they seek teach and that will gratify their carnal desires they want you to deal gently with their evil ways please don’t call it sin pastor all I did was make a mistake I’ve slipped up
a little bit it’s not that bad tell me I’m wonderful tell me I’m a winner give me the seven steps to being successful give me some sugar come here pastor just give me some sugar
kiss me pastor kiss me give me something sweet I won’t tell you the devil’s most favorite time of the week Sunday morning do you want to know why because the
devil knows if he can get as many people to church as possible so they’ll hear a sugar-coated lukewarm relevant message from some internet pastor then they’ll come in for that 45-minute service and
the message is only about 20-25 minutes they’ll come in and what happens they got this little itch because everyone has it chance they have everyone has a religious edge and they’ll scratch it
and the pastor go you’re fine everything’s good everything’s ok and they’ll walk out and feel good about themselves churches all over the Metro FX are filled up today for this very
reason never confronted never spoken to never a heart-to-heart riveting message that can change their lives rather some man beep any message on how to cope when 90% of the problems
come from sinful lifestyles what are you serving up pastor why are you afraid to speak of the blood in the cross why has the word sin and its counterpart repent been deleted from your vocabulary what
are you afraid of who do you not want to offend who are you trying to lead and where are you leading them eat this it’ll make you healthy make you better kill them faster hungry souls that need
a fresh cutting word from the heart of God they opened their mouths received a soft easy to digest spoon fed mediocre meal from the latest candy laced Christian cookbook instead of receiving
a fresh meal from the bakery of heaven they receive a cream filled pastry from the bakery of Hellenism God wants you to be happy happy happy this is a nonsense it’s being these are the fables that are
being preached don’t worry about living holy holy holy he wants you happy happy happy God wants you to live a life of luxury rather than a life of sacrifice God doesn’t want you to deny yourself
anything forget about laying it all down picking up your cross and following him God wants you to drink from the cup of pleasure rather than be willing to drink from a cup of pain God wants you to live
lives of popularity rather than suffer any kind of persecution the central message of the Cross has been traded for a soothing massage by the clergy rather than young pastors falling on their
faces going after God and receiving fresh bread from heaven they’re running to the Internet ordering slick how-to manuals filling their God starved souls with sugar they
step from the playroom to the pulpit and feed an anemic congregation a diet of nonsense gimme some sugar you

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