What Is Your Life? | Leonard Ravenhill

-I have a text tonight which is a

question and it’s a question that we

cannot answer collectively it’s a

question you have to answer individually

it’s found in the very practical epistle

as it’s usually called the Epistle of

James and the fourth chapter for what is

your life it is even a vapor that

appeareth for a little time and then it

vanishes away you will never face a more

challenging question than this text

what is your life now notice one it

doesn’t say it doesn’t say what is life

because if it did nobody has an Anderson

it doesn’t say what is our life or the

library could fool all our thinking it

says what is your life and it replies

give the reply here in the text it is

even a vapor that appeareth for a little

time and you hear people say well life

isn’t just life isn’t fair one man said

life is a feast than other wise man said

life isn’t fast one man said life is a

paradise another man says life is a

prison they see the question here is

very pointed and maybe it’s very

personal then in person or maybe it’s

very painful then you could answer the

question what is your life you say it’s

a failure

what is your life or success what is

your life is a disappointment

but actually is strong to us by the very

context that life is like a bay but it’s

like the steam that comes off the kettle

and you try and get a handful of it it’s

gone and in every case in the world of

God where life is referred to that is in

this physical life

it’s like into something most very Swift

it’s like it like and for instance to a

Weaver’s shuttle it’s like a likened to

a tent that men wrap up and move on in

the night Isaiah likens our live to the

grass of the field which today is and

tomorrow is cast into the oven but the

whole thing is about life every kind of

life and supremely about eternal life

and there’s one thing that life does

wherever it goes alive baguettes life

yes friends at all when he said I’m

crucified with Christ nevertheless I

live and yet not i but Christ liveth in

me and the life which I now live here in

the flesh I live by the faith of the Son

of God if I ask you tonight you’re

saying do you say yes I’m say when also

on the sore briefs I got baptized now

you say what do you say from hell are

you say from bitterness are you saved

from less are you say from cheating I

say from lying I you say from bad

manners are you say for rebelling

against parents come up when you save

from 90% of the people in the nation and

not say they claim to be

when I went to an alt and I confess my

sin fine fine

that’s what the preacher said you

confess your sins and you confess them

do you know they did that in every Roman

Catholic Church in that comes in last

Sunday a man needs more than that than

to be forgiven he needs frenzy needs

Robin fencing he needs indwelling he

needs more than indwelling he needs and

doing I’m not asking you tonight in your

one night kneel down and make confession

after that your life is no change your

lifestyle was no different your appetite

your pair life was no different come on

supposedly change the language Paul says

Christ in you if I were to start here

tonight and go around the front row and

everyone and say to everyone that you

stand up brother and when you stood up I

say that’s Christ within you what would

you say would you say oh yes he lives

with me

he rules my life he controls me he pulls

me back when I would go too quickly he

he he urges me on when I would hesitate

if I say most people are half safe

really you know what I mean I mean this

you go to the cross but you never get on

the cross you don’t get your sins

forgiven and see him happy and you don’t

do the same lousy thing again the next

day come on what kind of a salvation is

that isn’t it offensive to say for

people listen you may be a genius you’ve

a colossal in delight you if you fall

out of bed you invent something like you

know right in the center of New York

town because of no living relationship

with God

now there are two candle evil in the

world only two kinds not black and white

not Richard or there are those who are

dead in sin and that those were dead to

sin you see the north with a new birth

is this that when the man is really born

when he gets this life he doesn’t want

our life well I don’t think anybody

gives it better than Paul the one they

stop writing to the Colossians he says

if he then be risen with Christ or as

the literal translation is if you’ve

been raised with Christ you seek those

things you say to people how you say

they say I don’t really know ah

supposing you’re carrying a hundred

pound sack on your back and you’re

struggling up a hill and your knees are

going down and somebody whips the sack

off your back and you get to the top of

the hill without the sack and the man

says hey have you asked your sake you

say I don’t really know I kind of

figured he’d know and somebody took a

hundred pounds off his back

and by the same token a man knows

because the miracle birth the birth

isn’t some intellectual semi-soft jesus

said it is this that we’re dead in first

position in sin and he brings us to life

so how we love the things we didn’t like

and we hate the things we used to love

okay you say and yet I guess you’ll talk

all about baseball and you’re talking

about Jesus not right set your affection

on thing with your abode nothing’s

underneath for you you’re dead

and your life is hid with Christ in God

anything of anything more wonderful than

that here is your life it said in Christ

and it’s hid in God what are you gonna

do sneak out think a bit of the world’s

junk do you know how you need


you only need entertainment when you’ve

lost the joy of the Lord you’re dead and

your life is hid with cried now he says

if you’re risen with him that deals with

the past you’re dead and your life is

hid with Christ in God not when I died

but even now on this own I’d pit the

world goodbye not tearfully but

cheerfully all of its pleasures its pomp

and it’s pride and Paul says listen I

got branded there at the base of my head

because all my thinking is going to be

about Jesus this mind be in you which

was in Christ Jesus you think he went to

the Olympic Games because they had them

in his day you think you fooled around

with the material things of the day his

head was branded his hands his feet saw

him rider says let my hands perform his

bidding let my feet run in his rage like

my eyes see Jesus only let my lips speak

for this brace all for Jesus all the

Jesus all that beings ransom powers all

my thoughts and words and doings all my

days about for my hours this now you’re

just a Sunday morning Christian you live


in Jesus Christ every waking moment of

your life has he got your thinking and

Paul says that what the world is to me

it’s a system of corruption and

roughness and Varmus it’s Antichrist

from the world Oh is the world crucified

to you tonight how does it fascinate you

but as dear dr. Tozer used to say when

you knew one thing about a man that was

carrying a crowd out of the city and

knew he wasn’t coming back has come to

an altar we go back the next week and

we’re as fascinated we haven’t spent

half an hour with Jesus but we’ll stick

to us thinking I was in a movie house

the past he says we’re risen with Christ

the present we are dead but lost of the

future when Christ who is our life they

have got it there you’ve got it what

does John st. his epistle he that hath

the son hath life and he that does not

have the son has no life you can reform

your life you can give up your run sex

life you can give up your drugs without

the help of God good night

I’ve seen some men come out of the

gutter and transform their own lives

that’s on the social level but they

never made it upward to God and have a

living relationship with God if Christ

has been born in me he wants to live in

me he wants to talk in me wants to walk

in me wants to work through me it’s not

a struggle that I’m trying to be a

Christian life life life look if you

haven’t got hold of this getting all of

it now you can’t impress God I found

them to live I’m going to eat if I’m

going to live I’m going to eat this word

because Jesus says what I am the

read of life man cannot live by bread

alone the army earthly bread but he can

live by the bread which is Christ he

says I am the water life that’s

essential to life you can’t live without

water he says I am the light of life and

he says I’m not merely come isn’t it

John 10 and 10 in which he says I’m come

that they might have life and that they

might have it more abundantly you know

here people go to conferences meetings

and they say boy it was good boy what we

challenged every meeting we were

challenged and the question isn’t where

you’re challenged the question is where

you’re changed Paul runs his flag to the

top of the mast oh I like his statement

there in what 1 Corinthians 5:7 in which

he says if any man be in Christ any man

anywhere at any time if he be in Christ

he is a new creation isn’t patched up

he’s made a new creation he gets a new

heart a new spirit new desires New

Hope’s new longings that cannot be

satisfied at the broken systems of the

world I said I want God to make Romans

chapter 6 verse 7 real in my life you

said you mean Romans 6:6

I said I mean Romans six seven he said

no it’s six eight maybe for you six

seven for me what’s roman six seven he

that is dead is freed from sin I’m tired

of bondage I’m tired of fear I’m try the

weakness I’m tired of vacillating I’m

tired of being hot and then cold strong

and then weak I want to get rid of the

old self life I want to die right here

let me tell you this an experience of

God that costs nothing does nothing and

it’s worth nothing for I stand over

preachers often with hundreds of girafft

of priesthood and I see them shrink and

I feel fall on the ground and cry

because they have no prayer life because

we’re so busy

what the churches have in the last 25

years has not moved this nation or this

world to garbage time for something new

and God wants some men were really drunk

intoxicated with a spirit of God

who ever loved life for the Lord Jesus

that he can ask anything of you know do

it oh I’m coming down the line I mean

Jesus isn’t looking for some sissies to

serve Him he’s looking for some men with

guts and men with Grace and men with

determination that world outside there

is not waiting for a new definition of

Christianity he’s ready for a new

demonstration of Christianity


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