Will You Stay on the Cross? Leonard Ravenhill

-if i were to ask you tonight

why did jesus come into the world what

would you say

i i think some would say well he came

into the world to save sinners

of whom i am chief well there’s nothing

wrong with that

but you know the primary purpose of


was not to come into the world and save

us from hell

that’s a fringe benefit as amazing as it


why did he come into the world well

let’s get it from him himself

john 17 okay verse 2 as thou has given

him power over all flesh

that he should give eternal life to as

many as ours given him

and this is life eternal that they may

know thee

the only true god and the only purpose

that you and i exist

is that we may know god you see we’ve

stayed on the perimeter of all this

stuff we’re here to be forgiven

we’re here to have assurance we’re here

for this that never

but the word of god here says that we

may know thee the only true god

i don’t believe that five people out of

every hundred who profess the name of

jesus know god

they know the word of god they don’t

know the god of the word

john 12 and verse 24 verily verily i say

unto you

except a corner of wheat fall into the

but if it die it brings forth much fruit

you know that little word except is very

very interesting

it’s a favorite word actually with john

you know he uses it no less than 13


in his version of the gospel except a

man be born again

except you eat of his flesh and drink of

his blood except we see his hands on his


it’s accepted except all the way through

chapter 12 and verse one

then jesus six days before the passover

came to bethany where lazarus

which had been dead he was there he

raised from the dead

verse 10 says the chief priests

consulted that they might put lazarus to

their to why

dear lord you think all the nation will

be excited

you know as soon as you’re alive you’ll

be a target for everyone as a shooter

they won’t bother while you’re dead but

as soon as you really get redeemed

filled with the spirit of god walk in


even your pastor will shoot at you

there’s no such thing as being a

christian in a world like this without

receiving opposition

criticism bitterness obstructions

misunderstanding misrepresentation that

it’s a package deal

it’s not a job for sissies

and this is angering the jews every time

jesus goes down the street

either they see jesus who is the lord of

life or they say lazarus whom jesus


from the dead and the blazing mad about

it it’s a reflection on their religion

they had formality the ritual that


they had systems of purity but they did

not have life

and jesus is concerned that they might

have life

verse 23 jesus answered them saying the

hours come that the son of man should be


verily verily i send to accept a corn of

wheat fall into the ground and die

to buy death alone but if he die it

bringeth forth much fruit

he that loveth his life shall lose it

neither hated his life for my sake

she’ll find it

if any man serve me let him follow me

you see here’s the whole essence

of the christian life you know what

those people out there in the world are


they’re just crazy tonight they want to

live they want to live
and they’re dying to live where the true

christian is living to die

makes all the difference in the world

you’ve got one grain of wheat falls into

the ground to die

the first thing is separation you have

the wheat like that you take one of

those little

what do you call them seeds of it or


the first thing is separation

you know when i hear people say i want

to be like jesus i very doubt i doubt it

very much

do you want to be torn away from your


jesus had to leave his father’s glory

him writer was it isaac said he left his

father’s throne above so

free so infinite his grace emptied

himself of all but love and bled for

adam’s helpless race

right from the beginning it was

separation you know lots of people are

all right

they go to bible school or they go to

church but once they get out of that

atmosphere they go down like that

because they have no inward relationship

with the lord jesus christ

then learn to worship him in spirit and

in truth

the first thing is separation from the

main star

and next thing you have to bury it

well that’s the part we don’t like

again it’s helpless it can’t fly away it

can’t do anything but do whatever the

master wants to do with it they put it

in the ground in the dark

dirty ground separate lonely and you

know that’s the thing that’s the biggest

test for most people being alone

but you never get anywhere unless you

get to be alone it’s a paradox

we’ve got preachers all getting

vacations they need a cave get along

with god

stay there

that’s because being alone

pushed into the cold in into the dark

moses is 40 years in the backside of

that he could never have made it from

the royal palace with all its luxury

eating drinking dressing

he could have never made it from there

through the wilderness

god had to cool him down for 40 years in

the backside of the desert

and again we stream from loneliness

the lord jesus himself you’ve got to

lose everything you have

to gain everything he has jesus left


you know every great man that god uses

had to walk along

except a corner of wheat fall into the

ground and die

it’s a lonely business why are you

fasting they’re feasting

why are you lonely when they’re in

company why are you listening to god

they’re listening to all the popular

preaching of the day

but god’s making you he’s not making

them he’s making you

they have to hear god’s voice and obey

him my sheep hear my voice

and god won’t say the same to you that

he says to me maybe

except to be obedient and to be pure

but you see this thing is kind of

torture all the way through first of all

the other

the ear with all the 60 what do you say

you put one in the ground

you may get thirty-fold sixty-fold and a

hundred fold

nobody on god’s earth knows what’s in

that man that comes to the altar

but i have to let go of everything no

strings attached

i’m not coming so i might be a great

soul winner

the first thing god requires of you is

not that you’re a missionary not that

you’re a soul winner

the first thing he requires you love the

lord your god with all your heart which

means you boot out every

distraction whatever it is i had a man

came to a church i passed it he was a

brilliant man in the british navy

and you know how he lost his blessing i

lost his anointing

stamp collecting just collecting

stamps before he got fascinated with

them he’d go home from the admiralty

which was in bath at that time

get his bible he could read it in greek

he was a marvelous speaker but he got

fascinated in stamps he put all his

money in stamps

and before long there was no anointing

there at all

it looked very innocent the devil

doesn’t always come as a roaring lion he

comes with deception

he knows your vulnerable spot better

than you know it yourself

so anyhow you get the you take that one

kernel off

you put it in the ground here it’s 34

then it’s 60 then it’s 100 you have

nothing to do with it

do you know what happened it has a husk

on it

you know that husk does it deteriorates

and the stuff inside

actually feeds on that husk and produces


increases torn away from the rest of the

family candle

put in the darkness left there in


in the cold forgotten ignored

you know one way you can test your

spirituality is how much you rejoice

when you’re ignored

when they leave you out and you’re

eligible you should be in it but they

leave you out

boy i rejoice in being ignored i used to

like to be you know front of the band


invited the big conferences now i

couldn’t care less about the whole thing

this thing has grown now it’s reproduced

itself says that there are 60 or 80 or

100 of those little things on the stove

now what do you do well you send it to a

mirror it goes in a threshing machine

gets beaten up

and all the chaff comes off it and you

have a pure little kernel there

then what do you do you take it to

another mill and make it into a flower

then what do you do well you got that


and my mother used to get it you know

she used to need this

the door with her fingers now they have

big machines

you know she punched that stuff if you

see a machine in a factory where they

make bread

boy they have those big electric arms

going punching and driving and driving

and riding

it goes through that torture and it

comes out a machine it cuts off it lens

to go into a a tin and out of the tin

you put it in an oven and you bake it

boy look at the things it goes through

how many they’ve ever read

do you still read those word chambers he

has a recurring phrase in his re

writings he says lord make me broken

bread and poured out wine

i think that genie watson was preaching

on holiness as a second work of grace

that god can do more than just save us

he can cleanse us do more than cleanse

us he can fill us more than phillips he

can anoint us
well then we got the bread where we got

it dough we got it in the oven

oh mercy then you put it on machine then

slice it boy that’s painful

only one process more that’s this hungry

rascal comes in gets in his teeth and

tears it apart

that’s the hard thing isn’t it when

somebody chews you up

you didn’t really deserve it but they do

it and it seems all the lord’s letting

everything go against you

why for what reason isn’t that him that

talks about he does this that i draws to

consume and i go to refine

but you see it’s when you’re torn away

from everything

we all want to lean we sing leaning on

the everlasting arms but we’re leaning

on lots of other things besides that

yet god is a jealous god he wants me for


and the thing is that i get nowhere

until he has total dominion over me

over my heart over my mind over my

emotions all my ambitions

we think of him all of its pleasures

pomp and its pride

give me but jesus my lord crucified

the poorest man had ever bought the

earth was the greatest man that ever

walked the earth

and yet right from his birth it was

rejection rejection rejection

this is the carpenter’s son his family

kicked him out they said he was mad the

synagogue kicked him out they tried to

push him over the precipice

away there in jerusalem and yet he got

it doesn’t run to anyone except the


it says that they went where did they go

they went to sleep

he went as was his custom to pray

you see my resources not in my long

years of preaching

not just in knowing the word of god my

resources are he is my resource

he is my strength the lord said to abram

didn’t he i am the son of a shield

not i’ll put a shield between you and

your enemies i am your shield

well dear lord if the omnipotent one is

my shield who can get through

no one except by his permission be

willing to be a corn of wheat

to fall into the ground to be forgotten

and die

you see we don’t want to die lose your


you’ll find it keep it you lose it

except a corn of wheat fall into the

ground at night

so god put you in a place you’re going

to be forgotten for a year or two stay

there be quiet

be like the grain it can’t run away

can’t fly away can’t say i can’t stay

here it’s rotten

again people don’t smell it because it’s

perfume it hasn’t

it’s just as poor as anything you can


and yet within it there’s something that

when god touched it life can flow out of


let me say this you know we take all

that fifteenth chapter and it what does

it say there

you shall ask what you will who anybody

do you just pluck in it no no

who can ask what they will the one

that’s been pruned

and remember again it’s the branch that

bears the fruit that gets the knife

i don’t know much about gardening i

don’t want to my dear mother does a

garden it’s beautiful

i know this that when a branch has borne

a bunch of grapes

that branch never bears fruit again as

long as it lives you’ve got to cut it

right back

and out of that little butt there

another branch comes

and we back off from the pruning and all

god wants to do is produce more in us

you know the greatest temptation to the

average christian or every christian

come down from the cross and save


come down from the cross

why do you live the way you live

he wants us fruitful in himself

and the only way to bear fruit upward is

to bear root downward

and remember he has the right it’s his

right to do as he will

with the sea that’s his and he wants us

to be fruitful and to every good work you

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